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Welcome to the new era of hybrid work

09.14.21 – 10.21.21
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Join us as we explore hybrid at work (and play!) and empower teams to achieve their best work together... from anywhere.

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Thinking Digital-First

09.23.21 | 12 PM PT | 3 PM ET
Past Webinar

Virtual Makeover: How Embracing a Digital-First Mindset Led to Global Success

Nancy Sewell, Tim May
Once the pandemic hit, XPLANE knew shifting to a totally virtual learning environment was going to be a challenge. It wasn’t enough to simply move the in-person experience to virtual. They wanted to bring the magic and energy of in-person engagement entirely online. Learn how XPLANE reimagined and delivered a far more dynamic learning experience, boosted engagement, enhanced learning, and transformed an in-person workshop into a virtual success with MURAL.
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9.28.21 | 9 AM PT | 12 PM ET
Past Webinar

10 Ways to Leave Meeting Attendees Wanting More

Ashley Welch, Justin Jones
There are plenty of dull interactions that are face to face, so creating something engaging and inspiring in the digital environment demands a bit more creativity. The good news is it’s very doable with a few guiding principles and simple tools. Join us as Ashley Welch and Justin Jones, Co-Founders of Somersault Innovation, discuss 10 things to avoid doing in hybrid meetings and what to do instead.
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09.14.21 | 9 AM PT | 12 PM ET
Past Webinar

Inside Meetings at MURAL: How Remote Teams Get the Most From Live Collaboration

Adriana Roche, Laïla von Alvensleben
MURAL helps other companies do their best work together — making meetings more productive, collaborative, and fun. So what do meetings internally at MURAL look like? Join MURAL's Chief People Officer, Adriana Roche, and Head of Culture and Collaboration, Laïla von Alvensleben, as they share a behind the scenes look at how our global and growing company reimagines meetings.
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09.16.21 | 12 PM PT | 3 PM ET
Past Webinar

Adventures in Collaboration

Bill Johnston, Jim Kalbach
An early adventurer in digital collaboration, Bill Johnston has planned and facilitated thousands of hours of collaborative teamwork. In this session, see why Bill believes we’re at the beginning of a new — and better — era of work. Discover why it’s never been more important to ensure work centers on people and not technology. Bill will cover ways to ensure digital-first collaborative work is fun and engaging and leads to results everyone can get behind.
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09.21.21 | 9 AM PT | 12 PM ET
Past Webinar

From MURAL Canvas to Executive Board: A Framework for Building a Business Vision & Strategy

Prakash Pasupathy, Melissa Rojo
MURAL has always enabled innovative teams to solve hard problems by collaborating visually. Mindtree has perfected the art of using MURAL as the ultimate collaboration tool for defining the future of enterprises. Learn Mindtree’s formula for collaborating with senior executives on driving an enterprise vision that positively impacts their business model, process, technology, and future.
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Including Everyone

09.30.21 | 12 PM PT | 3 PM ET
Past Webinar

Fostering Inclusivity: Bridging the Gap Between In-Person and Online Student Learning

Jeff Eyet, Timothy Boye
When it comes to learning, students are in desperate need of flexibility. One way to provide this flexibility to students is by offering online learning options, but that experience differs significantly from interacting on campus. Join Timothy Boye, Associate Lecturer at the University of Technology Sydney, as he shares how MURAL helps bridge the gap between the online and on-campus learning experience and brings remote students into the classroom.
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Staying In Sync with Async

10.14.21 | 12 PM PT | 3 PM ET
Past Webinar

How Distributed Teams Spark Creativity at Any Time

Sabrina Goerlich
Today’s teams need ways to spark ideas and be creative regardless of whether they’re in the same location or even working at the same time. That’s why collaboration expert Sabrina Goerlich of Designsprintstudio is pioneering new ways to ignite team imagination asynchronously. Join Sabrina as she leads a design sprint to demonstrate how teammates can spark creativity from anywhere and at any time, inspiring and motivating everyone to do remarkable work together.
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