We believe in learning by doing. Build confidence with visual, digital-first collaboration. In 90 minutes, you will practice and learn a new topic with other MURAL collaborators.





WEDS 12/18, 7AM PT, 10AM ET
THURS 12/19, 4PM PT, 7PM ET

What Does Success Look Like In 2020?
Aligning Teams For The New Year w/ Cover Story Mockup

Jump start planning and setting goals for next year. We will practice a visual method for envisioning and sharing your aspirations for 2020.
Get ready to bring your vision to life with MURAL experts and collaborators.

Hosted by: Mark Tippin & Hailey Temple





TUES 01/14, 7AM PT, 10AM ET
WEDS 01/22, 4PM PT, 7PM ET

Jobs to be Done                                                  Defining the Value of Products & Services

Why do we purchase a certain product or service? Jobs to be Done is an approach to understanding customer needs and motivations that leads to creative solutions.
We will practice using Jobs to be Done in this hands-on workshop.

Hosted by: Jim Kalbach, Mark Tippin & Hailey Temple




TUES 02/11, 7AM PT, 10AM ET
WEDS 02/19, 4PM PT, 7PM ET

The Right Elevation for the Right Problem
Abstraction Laddering

Learn a proven LUMA method to help your team select the right problem to solve. Abstraction Laddering assesses whether a challenge scope is too narrow or too wide.
We practice abstraction laddering with you and teach facilitation tips to use this method with your team.

Hosted by: Mark Tippin & Hailey Temple




THUR 03/12, 7AM PT, 10AM ET
TUES 03/17, 4PM PT, 7PM ET

Mapping Experiences

Learn and practice how to build diagrams that help teams understand, align, and decide. We will coach you on how to coach and facilitate with essential mapping methods.


Hosted by: Mark Tippin & Jim Kalbach




THUR 04/16, 7AM PT, 10AM ET
TUES 04/21, 4PM PT, 7PM ET

Building Templates that Drive Scale at Organizations

Collaboration means getting your teams working together. At MURAL, we use templates to create repeatable methods and processes that make collaboration easier.

We will practice building and publishing a template that you can use in your work.

Hosted by: Mark Tippin & Hailey Temple

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