We believe in learning by doing. Build confidence with visual, digital-first collaboration. In 90 minutes, you will practice and learn a new topic with other MURAL collaborators.


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TUES 10/15, 7PM EDT
THURS 10/17, 10AM EDT

Asking The Right Questions For Better Problem Solving
Episode 3, Statement Starters

This final chapter focuses on framing questions that drive toward better brainstorming and solutions in MURAL. Practice creating the right questions with MURAL collaborators.
If you haven't attended previous sessions, you will still be able to enjoy working with the group.

Hosted by: Mark Tippin & Hailey Temple






Lightning Decision Jam                                                      with Global Virtual Design Sprints

We are partnering with Dallas Design Sprints to host a Lightning Decision Jam workshop. Join us to define problems, generate & prioritize ideas, and make decisions - from anywhere in the world.

Hosted by: Mark Tippin & Hailey Temple, MURAL Services

TUES 10/15, 7PM EDT




WED 11/6, 10AM EDT
WED 11/20, 7PM EDT

What To Do When Your Customer & Team Want It All
Black Friday Special Episode: Buy A Feature

Learn and practice prioritizing your ideas with remote teams and customers. Our MURAL experts teach you remote collaboration best practices.
Practice the method with other MURAL innovators like you.

Hosted by: Mark Tippin & Hailey Temple




TUES 12/10, 10AM EDT
THURS 12/12, 7PM EDT

What Does Success Look Like In 2020?
Aligning Teams For The New Year w/ Cover Story Mockup

Jump start planning and setting goals for next year. We will practice a visual method for envisioning and sharing your aspirations for 2020.
Get ready to bring your vision to life with MURAL experts and collaborators.

Hosted by: Mark Tippin & Hailey Temple